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Genealogy is a science that was developed in the past by scientists, historians and enthusiastic amateurs. In the USA during the last century, very recently,thanks to the internet, even our generation is showing interest in their own ancestors and family background. The primary sources of genealogical research (with the exception of religious and state registries) are the cemeteries. Our ambition is to help you find as much information as we can in these registries and archives about profession, property, addresses, reasons for the departure of your loved ones through the deaths certificates and any information that we are able to secure in our research of your ancestors.
We are offering you the opportunity to find your lost relatives from your home town with the search worldwide. Who knows, maybe we can prove that you have a famous ancestor or that the " blue blood" is circulating through your arteries.



List of companies involved in Genealogy Services.
To add your company to the list and/or a creation of reference to your Web site is charged. We can create a simple presentation or to insert your existing presentation on our Web site under address:
www.your_company.cemetery.sk ...For more information click on info