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Aszad Aaron Samuel
Added to the database: 18.04.2005 09:03  
ID 111361 title:   last name: Aszad
first name: Aaron Samuel last name at birth:  
date of birth: 00.00.1830 place of birth:  
date of death:   age: 75
date of funeral-cremation: 00.00.1905 place of burial: Dunajská Streda - Židovský cintorín
source: epiaf - http://www.judaica.hu/maj26en.htm
description of the person: Hlavný rabín Dunajskej Stredy, syn rabína Yehudu Aszada.
photograph 1
photograph 2
photograph 3
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Message by:
Abe Kohen   27.09.2010 19:07
16174 Family name is Aszod, like the town in Hungary where his father
was born.
Message by:
Tibor Bartalos   30.10.2009 20:39
11900 emlékezzünk
Message by:
Neuwirth, George   06.11.2008 10:04
7024 Name is not correct! Family Name, ASZAD. First name Aaron Samuel.
son of RAbbi Juda Aszad.
Message by:
Ester   17.06.2007 21:38
2338 naveky
Message by:
BB   04.01.2007 14:04
1926 Spominame
Message by:
žno   18.04.2005 20:52
657 spomíname