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Marko Ján
Added to the database: 30.03.2004 15:53  
ID 88148 title:   last name: Marko
first name: Ján last name at birth:  
date of birth: 10.08.1952 place of birth: Cinobaòa
date of death: 29.11.1997 age: 45
date of funeral-cremation: 02.12.1997 place of burial: Cinobaòa
source: matrika
description of the person:  
photograph 1
photograph 2
photograph 3
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Message by:
Darina Feldsamová   20.10.2016 17:48
201582 Spomíname na Teba. Mama odišla za Vami 23.5.2016.
Message by:
Darina Feldsamová   05.11.2014 20:45
197742 Všetci na Teba spomíname.
Message by:
Darina Feldsamová   30.10.2013 20:20
193287 Spomíname na Teba.
Message by:
Darina Feldsamová   02.11.2012 17:18
190029 Spomíname na Teba mama s rodinou
Message by:
Darina Feldsamová s rodinou   04.11.2010 15:22
18004 Spomíname aj s mamou na Teba.